WypAll L10 Windshield Towels - KCC05123

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When you need a light-duty wiper to deliver results at an economical price, the WypAll* L10 Windshield Towels are a great choice. They are soft, strong and absorbent, so they&rsquo
re a favorite replacement for cleaning towels for spray-and-wipe jobs, glass surface cleaning, absorbing small liquid spills, detail and final assembly wiping. You&rsquo
ll find these disposable towels useful in the automotive industry (glass polishing) and for general light-duty cleaning. They&rsquo
re even gentle enough to use as hand wipes. Since these blue wipers absorb better than towels and drink up liquids faster, you get better drying performance that can reduce usage overall. The banded format lets you access your dairy towels easily and quickly when you&rsquo
re on the job. These are a terrific, reliable replacement for paper towels and can add efficiency to your business. Towel/Wipe Type: Dry Wipes
Application: Windshields
Applicable Material: Glass
Material(s): Paper.
Unit of Measure : Carton of 2240
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