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Woodland Scenic Static Grass 7mm Medium Green

Woodland Scenic Static Grass 7mm Medium Green
SKU: SSIN1-14172088-WS
Manufacturer part number: FS622
GTIN: 724771006220
Static Grass is a part of the Field System, which makes it easy to add texture and dimension while modeling meadows, fields and pastures with incredible realism. A wide range of colors and textures allow you to model any season or grassy landscape. All products are designed to work together, and each one includes simple-to-follow instructions to make modeling easy. Static Grass is a special material that stands upright when it is applied with the Static King(R). Use Static Grass to model fields and other tall grasses. Blend multiple lengths and colors of Static Grass to replicate all phases of growth. Package contains 42 g (1.48 oz).
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