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Tamiya 61044 F-51D Mustang Korean War

Tamiya 61044 F-51D Mustang Korean War
Manufacturer: TAMIYA MODELS
SKU: SSIN1-11432952-WS
GTIN: 4950344610440
About the North American F-51D Mustang Korean WarThe U.S. Army Air Corps gave it the title of P for Pursuit 51, and it was named Mustang by the British. Of the several variations of the Mustang, the P51-D is considered the definitive version and was the first to have the bubble canopy. More D models were built than any other variant, with a total of 9,603 being produced. At the conclusion of WW2, Mustangs were in operation all over the world, flying in several nations air forces. When the Korean conflict broke out, hundreds of F for fighter 51s were in Japan awaiting scraping. Because they possessed the slow speed maneuverability that was absent in the new jets then entering service, the F-51 was ideal to work with Forward Air Controllers FACs on the ground in Korea. The major drawback to this was the F-51s liquid cooled engine susceptibility to anti-aircraft and small arms fire when attacking ground targets. This cause the Mustang to have the highest loss ratio of any aircraft in Korea. A total of 194 were lost in three years, with only 10 being downed in combat with other aircraft. « less
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