Takom 1/35 Scale British MBT Chieftain Mk.10

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The British Chieftain Main Battle Tank was the most heavily armored (oh wait, it's British: armoured) and most powerfully gunned (120mm!) tank in the world when entered service in 1966. As powerful as it already was initially, it was constantly upgraded during its service life, resulting in a myriad of Marks and variants. Takom wows the armor modeling world with a simultaneous flurry of no less than THREE all-new kits of the famous British Chieftain Main Battle Tank! To get the party started, Takom is offering the Mk.5/P, the Mk.10, and the Mk.11 variants. This kit here is the later Mk.10 version, upgraded with the "Stillbrew Crew Protection Package" and other modern bells and whistles. All hatches can be posed opened or closed. And of course, they all feature that amazing Takom detail, accuracy, and ease of assembly that we've all come to know and love! The Chieftain has been on many a modeler's wishlist for years, and now here we have THREE! Thank you, Takom! « less
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