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One-Derful One-Patch Template Tessellating Windmill

One-Derful One-Patch Template Tessellating Windmill
Manufacturer: Marti Michell
SKU: SSIN1-7827084-WS
Manufacturer part number: 8219M
GTIN: 715363082197
MARTI MICHELL: One-derful One-Patch Template. The One-derful One- Patch series of templates is perfect for making one-patch patterns and charm quilts. Each clear acrylic template is laser-cut for accuracy which gives you perfect specific-size pieces and shapes. A 1-4 inch seam allowance is already added in and there are markings for eight different sizes from 2 to 9 inches. Each package includes one template and instructions. Design: Tessellating Windmill. Made in USA.
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