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Mosaic Adhesive & Grout Applicator Set

Mosaic Adhesive & Grout Applicator Set
Manufacturer: Mosaic Mercantile
SKU: SSIN1-7707276-WS
Manufacturer part number: SPRD
GTIN: 638799200068
MOSAIC MERCANTILE-A mosaic adhesive and grout applicator set- specially made for use with mosaic tile. This set contains scaled down versions of traditional tile tools and has been designed to help you achieve professional looking results when working with mosaic mercantile brand products. Included in this set is a V-notch trowel for applying adhesive to the project surfaces, a variety of wooden sticks for applying adhesive to the backs of various sized mosaic tile pieces, a flat blade spreader for applying grout to the tiled surface and a highly absorbent sponge for removing excess grout from the project surface. Sponge is orange and measures 5.5x2x2.
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