Lathem® Time

Lathem® Time Time Cards for Lathem 7000E and 7500E Time Clocks, Bi-Weekly; Semi-Monthly; Weekly, Two-Sided, 3.38 x 8.78, 100/Pack

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Record daily details precisely with these time cards designed for use with Lathem 7000E and 7500E time clocks. Made with heavy-duty stock, these cards are perfect for industrial, food service, or general office applications. Featuring black print on the front side and red on the back to ensure correct use, these Lathem time cards are numbered and bar coded to make record-keeping easy. Spots for recording time are easy to read as the time clock imprints text in precise areas. Columns show exactly when an employee clocked in and out during the pay period, while places for a name, signature and pay amount are clearly marked outside of the stamped areas. These time cards work for weekly, biweekly and semimonthly time periods Size: 3.38 x 8.78; Time Period: Bi-Weekly; Semi-Monthly; Weekly; Printing Sides: Two Sides; Card Quantity: 100.
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