CyberHobby 6481 1/35 Geschutzwagen 38 M Mit 3cm Flak 103/38

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Brand new mounted version of 3cm Flak 103/380. Detailed ammo box and photo-etched brackets. Fully detailed 3cm Flak 103/38 assembly. Slide-molded gun barrel with hollow muzzle end. Flash suppressor and muzzle brake reproduced in plastic and photo-etched parts. 3cm ammunition clip and spare rounds have subtle detail. Detailed ammo box and photo-etched brackets. Delicately detailed gun sight. New gun pedestal for 3cm Flak 103/38. Newly designed 3cm Flak 103/38 gun cradle. Driver's compartment with interior detail-transmission and engine. Fighting compartment with full interior detail. Ultra-slim injection-molded armor plates. Spent-shell case frame and preformed photo-etched mess included. Fine detail on gunner's seat. Accurately reproduced hard rail has two options. Fully detailed upper hull with driver's hatch. Sharply detailed hand wheels have optional photo-etched parts. Fine detail on gunner's seat. Nut and bolt detail on armor plates realistically rendered. Slide-molded one-piece chassis with delicate detail. Crisp detail on sprockets and idler wheels. Accurately reproduced handrail has two options. Photo-etched rain guard for radio. Delicate detail on Fu5-Gerate 10W.S.h. transmitter and UkwEh receiver with transformer. Magic tracks with casting-number detail etched on every link. Rear armor plate can be assembled open-closed. Weather tarp supports finely reproduced. Firing-data board, cartridge storage, rifle rack and tool storage with carefully defined detail. Cartridge storage has full detail. 98k rifle rack accurately represented by photo-etched parts. « less
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