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Bachmann 46204 HO Rail Detector Step Van w/Highrailers

Bachmann 46204 HO Rail Detector Step Van w/Highrailers
Manufacturer: BACHMANN
SKU: SSIN1-11421839-WS
Manufacturer part number: 46204
GTIN: 022899462042
With their standard and flanged wheels (which can be raised or lowered), hy-rail vehicles provide flexibility for the railways. They can be used on public roads or on the railway.s tracks. You can occasionally see modern versions, a pickup truck, utility van or sport utility vehicle (SUV), with flanged wheels, travelling along highways and country roads. When they come to a railway crossing, it can be positioned onto the tracks. With the flanged wheels lowered, it can be driven to the intended destination to pick up or drop off workers and equipment. Bachmann.s Hy-Rail Vehicles feature smooth drive mechanisms, detailed bodies, and metal wheels. - - « less
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