Atlas Code 83 Super-Flex Track w/Concrete Ties 3' HO 502

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This is a 36 Code 83 Super-Flex Track with Simulated Concrete Ties. It's made by Atlas for experienced train modelers. Talk to anyone with an HO layout and chances are it includes some of Atlas' famous Super-Flex Track. This fine track product is known worldwide for its versatility, and, of course, its flexibility. What makes the patented Atlas Super-Flex Track so unique is that unlike many other curvable tracks which tend to kink when flexed, Atlas' can be shaped and re-shaped until you achieve the desired form. Like all Atlas track, Atlas' Super-Flex is a high- quality track made with injection-molded plastic and premium nickel silver rail. Available in code 83 and code 100. FEATURES: Evenly spaced white ties and nickel silver rail. Highly flexible track bends and curves in any desired direction. 3' code 83 super-flex track with simulated concrete ties. HO scale track. « less
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