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A-4M Skyhawk, 1/32 by Trumpeter, Model Airplane

A-4M Skyhawk, 1/32 by Trumpeter, Model Airplane
SKU: SSIN1-11428000-WS
GTIN: 9580208022680
Douglas tailed delta-wing, carrier-capable, attack aircraft, dedicated US Marine Corps variant. Kit has fine engraved surface features, well appointed cockpit, full engine, separate aft fuselage section, intake trunking, segmented canopy, avionics dorsal spine 'hump' fairing, separate control surfaces and speed brakes, optional position slats/flaps, nose avionics bays with optional position access panels, cannon bays, refueling probe, detailed wheel wells, boarding ladder, metal main gear struts and vinyl main tires. Decals and color painting guide for 2 USMC aircraft: BuNo 158164 of VMA-214 'Blacksheep' and BuNo 158166 of VMA-311 'Tomcats' - includes nose anti-glare panel, wing root walkways, instrument markings, stencil data and weapons markings. « less
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