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A-4E Skyhawk, 1/32 by Trumpeter, Model Airplane

A-4E Skyhawk, 1/32 by Trumpeter, Model Airplane
SKU: SSIN1-11411494-WS
Manufacturer part number: 2266
GTIN: 9580208022666
Douglas carrier-capable attack aircraft, upgraded variant with improved engine and avionics and 5 weapon hard points. Kit has fine engraved surface features, well detailed cockpit, full engine, separate aft fuselage section, 1-piece intake trunk, metal main gear struts, vinyl main tires, segmented canopy, separate control surfaces (including optional position slats/flaps), avionics bay detail with separate access hatches, wheel wells with cannon breech detail, separate speed brakes and optional avionics dorsal spine 'hump' fairing. Decals and color painting guide for 3 US Navy aircraft: BuNo 149993 of VA-72 aboard USS Independence, 1964; BuNo 150131 of VA-212 aboard USS Hancock, 1964 and BuNo 151118 of VF-43 - includes nose anti-glare panel, instrument markings, stencil data and weapons markings « less
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