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2-1/2" Strippers Templates 3 Templates For 7 Shapes

2-1/2" Strippers Templates 3 Templates For 7 Shapes
Manufacturer: Marti Michell
SKU: SSIN1-7379716-WS
Manufacturer part number: 8059M
GTIN: 715363080599
MARTI MITCHELL-Strippers Templates. This set of jelly-roll strip templates are the only templates you will need to create Grandmother's Flower Garden, Thousand Pyramids, Spider Web, Six Point Star, Inner City, I Spy, Tumbling Blocks, Diamonds Among the Pyramids, Seven Blockhead Brothers Chevron Border and LeMoyne Star. This package contains three templates: 4-1/2x2-7/8in S-1 60 degree Diamond (S-1a Triangle), 3-1/2x2-7/8in S-2 Conehead (S-2b Triangle and S-2a Hexagon), 5-3/4x2-3/4in S-3 45 degree Diamond and detailed instructions. Templates are constructed of 1/8in crystal clear acrylic with purple markings. Made in USA.
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